Did you ever have a dream so powerful it woke you up from a deep sleep? The vision: kids in cool, hip t-shirts that spoke to modern-day issues from a place of positivity, love and kindness—a way to express what they were feeling about the world around them. What you see here is the combination of years of marketing and PR experience, layered in with the most important job in the word – being a mom. “This is a way to create a brand platform that gives kids a voice and a way to express their views on those issues that impact all of our futures.” (Owner, Kim)

Little Activists was created to empower children to think, to embrace and consider the world at large when making daily choices—whether it’s spreading positivity, standing up for a friend or rescuing stray animals. And to share that message in a way that’s both fun and engaging. It begins and reinforces the cycle of socially conscious living and giving, and also helps parents open dialogue about social issues at an early age.

Every great movement starts with an idea, or in this case, a cool shirt. And a cape or tutu, of course! After all, our children are our great hope, our superheroes of change. Our Little Activists!








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