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Kindness is Cool for Back to School!

With back-to-school around the corner, we ask that you consider Little Activists when shopping for cool threads for your kids. Here are a few reasons why we are not just another kids clothing line.  Our fashion-forward styles promote a wide variety of social issues — from animal rights and protecting the environment, to anti-bullying and human rights — with an underlying message of kindness and positivity Our Collections (there’s something for everyone):Be Cool, Be KindLil’ RebelsEco (USA-made from100% premium organic cotton) The Little Activists line has a message for everyone and a size for everyBODY Our Project...
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Gen X-ers...Our Kids Are Showing Us Up!

Our kids, aka our Little Activists, seem to be putting us to shame! Check out the slogans that resonated with us in the 80's and 90s', and then see what's clicking with our kids. The good news is: we've obviously evolved, 'cause we are the ones teaching them these life lessons! Where's The Beef = "Meat" Your VeggiesDon't worry about where the meat is, just load up on your veggies! Girl Power = Good Vibe TribeGirls still rock, but surround yourself with all kinds of positive people who treat others with respect. Frankie Says Relax = Bee The LightChillin' out is nice, but use your power to spread light and love and “be...
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Substance and Style Q&A with Mommy Kelly Maitz

Full name: Kelly MaitzFavorite Little Activists Message? "We are Beautiful Because We are Different"Proudest Mommy Moment: Being Sam's mommy. I can't think of one thing that makes me more proud than being the mother of a strong, kind, loving little girl.   This month we are spotlighting the dynamic duo of Kelly Maitz and her amazing daughter, Sam who are proudly sharing that bald is beautiful. According to Kelly, “Whether you are bald by an autoimmune disease or by choice, you are still fabulous. It's the quality of your character that makes you, YOU. And that is beautiful and special.” How does your story begin? Sam w...
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Project aWEARness Q&A with Amy Conroy - Founder of the Dandelion Project

Our Giving Program - Project aWEARness - is the guiding force behind our brand. It’s an easy way for Little Activists and their families and friends to support causes that are close to their hearts. Our “turn key” model is easy and effective. In just three steps, you’ll be on your way to fashionable fundraising! We recently interviewed Amy Conroy, Founder & Executive Producer of Habla Blah Blah, and our current Project aWEARness beneficiary for the non profit arm of Habla Blah Blah's Dandelion Project.  Q: How did you first get involved with Habla Blah Blah?A: I started it! When I had my first child, I left my li...
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Little Activists Featured in HuffPost

Thanks so much to Caroline Bologna and Huffington Post for capturing the essence of our brand and for sharing the story of our socially conscious kid’s apparel company with your readers! ‘Little Activists’ Clothing Line Fosters Social Awareness In Kids HuffPost Parents TOTALLY get our mission to help make the world a kinder, more inclusive place!  Shirts started flying off of our virtual shelves as soon as this literary masterpiece hit the web! (cue golf clap and a BIG "thanks") Check out these snippets highlighting some of our cool, fun T-shirts that talk about modern day issues from a place of love and positivi...
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