Gen X-ers...Our Kids Are Showing Us Up!

Gen X-ers...Our Kids Are Showing Us Up!

Our kids, aka our Little Activists, seem to be putting us to shame! Check out the slogans that resonated with us in the 80's and 90s', and then see what's clicking with our kids. The good news is: we've obviously evolved, 'cause we are the ones teaching them these life lessons!

Where's The Beef = "Meat" Your Veggies
Don't worry about where the meat is, just load up on your veggies!

Girl Power = Good Vibe Tribe
Girls still rock, but surround yourself with all kinds of positive people who treat others with respect.

Frankie Says Relax = Bee The Light
Chillin' out is nice, but use your power to spread light and love and “bee” the change you want to see in the world!

Aqua Net = Respect Your Mother
BIG hair, we totally care! But Mother Nature needs our help and attention.

Dont Hassle The Hoff = We Are Beautiful Because We are Different
The Hoff should never have been hassled and neither should you. It's cool to march to the beat of your own silly drummer. What makes us different is what makes us AWESOME! 

I Need A Hero = Little Rebel With A Cause
Don't hold out for a hero, use your voices to stand up for what’s right, to love all living things and to believe that the world you inherit will be filled with compassion, inclusiveness and most of all LOVE. 

So you see fellow Gen Xers, we created our great hope, our superheroes of change...our Little Activists! 

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