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Who's Schooling Who?

  I have 2.5 year old boy/girls twins - Sam and Charlie.  They are THE reason I am obsessed with our mission to make our world kinder and more inclusive. For the past two and a half years, they have been in a love-filled, albeit isolated, bubble consisting of me, daddy and our nanny. They don't see color; they don't understand hate...only slight disdain if Charlie gets the bigger half of a banana! These kids have been protected from all things negative. We continue to teach them to love all living things and, more importantly, to love themselves. Every night ends with the same chant: "I am BRAVE, I am SMART, I am STRONG...
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Playtime in NYC

We headed to NYC last week to attend the Playtime kids tradeshow and meet with one of our fave activists, actress Megan Boone (Agent Keene from The Blacklist)! Though it was a busy trip, we felt so energized by the city, its diversity and most especially an authentic slice of NYC pie. Between meetings and trade shows, we confirmed what we already knew:  the world needs Little Activists, Activists Apparel and other conscious brands that inspire a kinder, more thoughtful world. As moms and humans we need to do everything we can to, in Megan Boone's words, "be great ancestors" and do our part -- no matter how small or insi...
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Our First Pop-up Shop!

This past weekend Little Activists debuted its first Pop-up Shop, fully stocked with socially conscious apparel, at one of Chicago’s most popular summer festivals - Retro on Roscoe. It was AMAZING to see our brand come to life and witness the reactions of likeminded individuals who are in alignment with our mission to make the world a kinder, more inclusive place. With the unsettling incident that just happened in Charlottesville, VA, our community bonded on Roscoe St., and reaffirmed that it's the right time for us to encourage our youth (and adults) to wear the change they want to see! We can't  change the minds of th...
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Substance and Style Q&A with Mommy Kelly Maitz

Full name: Kelly MaitzFavorite Little Activists Message? "We are Beautiful Because We are Different"Proudest Mommy Moment: Being Sam's mommy. I can't think of one thing that makes me more proud than being the mother of a strong, kind, loving little girl.   This month we are spotlighting the dynamic duo of Kelly Maitz and her amazing daughter, Sam who are proudly sharing that bald is beautiful. According to Kelly, “Whether you are bald by an autoimmune disease or by choice, you are still fabulous. It's the quality of your character that makes you, YOU. And that is beautiful and special.” How does your story begin? Sam w...
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