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Little Activists Featured in O, The Oprah Magazine!

Oprah taught us not to namedrop, but when Oprah recognizes the awesomeness of Little Activists and decides to features us in Oprah Magazine, well...we just have to share!   In this month's issue, our Lil' Rebels Collection (cool threads for babies and toddlers) is listed in "The Gratitude Meter"  (p.24). Yup, Little Activists is one of the "5 things we're smiling about this month!" In fact, editor Zoe Donaldson says that our onesies are perfect for the "future Gloria Steinems and Audre Lordes." We would just like to add future Upton Sinclairs and Roger Baldwins!  Let's hear it for "playdates today, protests tomorrow!" ...
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