Substance and Style Q&A with Mommy Kelly Maitz

Substance and Style Q&A with Mommy Kelly Maitz

Full name: Kelly Maitz
Favorite Little Activists Message?
 "We are Beautiful Because We are Different"
Proudest Mommy Moment:
Being Sam's mommy. I can't think of one thing that makes me more proud than being the mother of a strong, kind, loving little girl.


This month we are spotlighting the dynamic duo of Kelly Maitz and her amazing daughter, Sam who are proudly sharing that bald is beautiful. According to Kelly, “Whether you are bald by an autoimmune disease or by choice, you are still fabulous. It's the quality of your character that makes you, YOU. And that is beautiful and special.”

How does your story begin? Sam was a little over two years old (October 2015) when I first noticed a little spot thinning on the top of her head. I called my mom and then took her to her pediatrician. He said it looked like it might be Alopecia Areata. He checked her fingers nails for pitting and said we should just watch it. So we did (for a little while). It was about September 2016 when everything started falling out really fast. We had a trip planned to Florida in October and I remember saying to my husband that she will be bald by the time we leave. Low and behold, I was right. She had lost every strand of hair between June and October.  

How did you turn this unsettling news into something positive? From that day on, I promised myself (and Sam) that I would find the beauty in Alopecia; I would find strength in Alopecia; and I would not let Alopecia beat us down. I have held strong to that promise by reaching out and getting involved in support groups, traveling to other states for play dates and meeting other moms who are in my same shoes. We have a tiny but mighty support group of all ages locally.  We have done everything from playing at the park together, eating ice cream together to henna tattooing heads together.  

Do you worry about how others will treat Sam? I don’t worry so much about Sam being accepted by peers as I worry about her accepting herself. I want to make sure I am doing the best I can to make sure that she isn’t different than others, I have also tried to reinforce that it isn’t your appearance that makes you beautiful but your heart and how you treat people. 

How did you hear about Little Activists and how is it helping you with your commitment to promoting self-love and kindness? I came across Little Activists while scanning Facebook and also saw it in the Huffington Post. I was so impressed by your message of kindness and inclusivity. The message of love, kindness and acceptance is what more people need to see…and the younger, the better. I like that Sam can wear a brand that is providing positive messaging to her peers and more importantly, for herself. My daughter has taught me more than I ever thought a child could.

Any parting words of wisdom for our readers? In this day and age, there is no “normal”. There is no right or wrong to the way someone looks. At the end of the day, “We are beautiful because we are different.”

Substance and Style is a monthly feature spotlighting people who fight stereotypes, give back to the world freely, stand up for their rights, love without judgment and generally make the world a kinder, more inclusive place. And they do it all with class, sass and style!


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