My Kids Won't be Getting Gifts for their Birthday

My Kids Won't be Getting Gifts for their Birthday

My twins will be turning 3 this holiday season and my husband and I have decided to ask guests to NOT bring birthday gifts for the kids, but rather contribute to our twins' first virtual food drive! Our Little Activists (a.k.a. Sam and Charlie) can use this special day to start a cycle of socially conscious living and giving by providing fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and proteins to our neighbors in Cook County, including the 1 in 6 children, who face food insecurity.

Our Chicago Food Depository makes it super simple to setup a virtual drive so we can make an immediate impact! Every dollar raised through this virtual food drive will be used to buy nutritious food for our community. 

Some folks may consider it unfair to rob our littles of their presents, but we are committed to a family culture filled with empathy, love and a desire to serve the greater good. I am proud of our choice and hope that our little super heroes of change will choose this option when they are old enough to get more involved in their birthday celebrations. 

Next year, since their birthdays are so close to Christmas, perhaps we will donate all the gifts to a toy drive! We'd love to hear how you are getting your kids involved in giving back!

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