Playtime in NYC

Playtime in NYC

We headed to NYC last week to attend the Playtime kids tradeshow and meet with one of our fave activists, actress Megan Boone (Agent Keene from The Blacklist)! Though it was a busy trip, we felt so energized by the city, its diversity and most especially an authentic slice of NYC pie. Between meetings and trade shows, we confirmed what we already knew:  the world needs Little Activists, Activists Apparel and other conscious brands that inspire a kinder, more thoughtful world. As moms and humans we need to do everything we can to, in Megan Boone's words, "be great ancestors" and do our part -- no matter how small or insignificant it might seem. It is our duty to leave this world a better place for our kids and for generations to come. Long after we are gone, the changes that we make today, from simple acts of kindness to environmental progress, will affect the earth, the sea and each other. Here are a few highlights from our whirlwind tour. 


The15th edition of Playtime New York at the Metropolitan Pavilion presented the 2018 Spring/Summer baby/kids collections. With over 200 carefully selected brands showcased, this event left us SO energized and creatively inspired!

Kim and Tia ready to hit the ground running in our Activist Apparel Tees!

Tia in the press section checking out the new line sheets.

The next morning started with our new obsession, Dr. Smood's Golden Mylk (made with tumeric and black pepper) for a natural boost before we headed to Chelsea Pier. 

The rainy day did not dampen our enthusiasm as we journeyed to visit our friend and fellow mompreneur, Megan Boone on the set of NBC's The Blacklist. She has been such a source of inspiration to us. Her passion for the environment inspired her Caroline Agnes collection which is sold on Being able to share our missions to make the world a better place for our kids made for the perfect afternoon. Hear for yourself Megan's incredibly passionate and moving speech about climate action here

Three moms on a mission...

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