Little Activists Featured in HuffPost

Little Activists Featured in HuffPost

Thanks so much to Caroline Bologna and Huffington Post for capturing the essence of our brand and for sharing the story of our socially conscious kid’s apparel company with your readers!

‘Little Activists’ Clothing Line Fosters Social Awareness In Kids

HuffPost Parents TOTALLY get our mission to help make the world a kinder, more inclusive place!  Shirts started flying off of our virtual shelves as soon as this literary masterpiece hit the web! (cue golf clap and a BIG "thanks")

Check out these snippets highlighting some of our cool, fun T-shirts that talk about modern day issues from a place of love and positivity. Three cheers for social justice, kindness and love of all living things!

We're also quoted! (Are we famous yet?)

“As with most moms, when we had kids, our lives and views of the world changed drastically. Seeing the innocence in our small children, we realized that the hate and discrimination that plagues our world today is a learned behavior” - Kim

“We wanted to flip that on its head and teach our kids from an early age the power of love and to realize that we share this world equally,” she added. “We would all achieve so much more if we broke down those negative barriers at an early age.” - Tia

Thanks for also highlighting our feel-good, fashionable giveback program, Project aWEARness:


"Little Activists' creative team works with each customer to design a shirt based on their specific input; then build an online boutique that features the product and an overview of the fundraiser’s mission. We then provide the customer with a shareable link that they can use to promote the shirt sale to their network. After 30 days, Little Activists will fulfill the orders and donate 100 percent of the proceeds directly to the cause."

And, they even "leaked" some top secret info....our plans to expand Little Activists with an accessories line, a line of products for teens and partnerships with retailers. Yup, the cat's officially oudda the bag, so stay tuned!!!

Please keep following our blog to find out the latest news with Little Activists!

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