Our First Pop-up Shop!

Our First Pop-up Shop!

This past weekend Little Activists debuted its first Pop-up Shop, fully stocked with socially conscious apparel, at one of Chicago’s most popular summer festivals - Retro on Roscoe. It was AMAZING to see our brand come to life and witness the reactions of likeminded individuals who are in alignment with our mission to make the world a kinder, more inclusive place.

With the unsettling incident that just happened in Charlottesville, VA, our community bonded on Roscoe St., and reaffirmed that it's the right time for us to encourage our youth (and adults) to wear the change they want to see! We can't  change the minds of the older generations, but we can enact change in our youth. Hate is a learned behavior, so we need to change the narrative to that of love and kindness and ignite the passion in our children to change our current (and very scary) trajectory.

Through plenty of (((hugs))) and passionate conversations about what is broken in our world, we also celebrated our hope for the future. We sold a lot of apparel that featured unique designs representing a wide variety of social issues — from animal rights and protecting the environment, to anti-bullying and human rights — with an underlying message of kindness and positivity. We also hosted an interactive photo area where people helped us spread the word that “kindness is cool for back to school!”. We even provided “positive protest” signs!

Below are some pics from the weekend. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us!  A VERY special thanks to Little Threads, one of Chicago’s most popular children’s boutiques, for providing a platform to further promote our brand and mission! 

 Thanks to this cool family for stopping by!
No Stereotypes; let's start a reLOVEution!
Joanne from Little Threads agrees - ERACISM!
Litter bugs me!
Wear the change you want to see!
We are ALL human; it's time to Bee the light!

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