Who's Schooling Who?

Who's Schooling Who?


I have 2.5 year old boy/girls twins - Sam and Charlie.  They are THE reason I am obsessed with our mission to make our world kinder and more inclusive. For the past two and a half years, they have been in a love-filled, albeit isolated, bubble consisting of me, daddy and our nanny. They don't see color; they don't understand hate...only slight disdain if Charlie gets the bigger half of a banana! These kids have been protected from all things negative. We continue to teach them to love all living things and, more importantly, to love themselves. Every night ends with the same chant: "I am BRAVE, I am SMART, I am STRONG, I am KIND".



A few weeks ago, they started a Pre-K program. Enter: a new group environment, unique personalities, differing family values and sensory overload of music, new toys, games, movement classes and caregivers! Their first true taste of the real world! My husband and I are so excited for the opportunity to socialize them so they can learn the basics of being part of a peer group. As someone who encourages her kids to be kind and inclusive, I can't wait to see it put into action. I hope I am empowering my littles to think, to embrace and consider the world at large when making daily choices. Wearing their Little Activists shirts with messages like: Bee the Light, Eracism, We Are All Human, Kindness is King, has been such a beautiful way to open the door to these conversations early on. By having open dialogue about social issues at an early age, you have the opportunity to reinforce the cycle of socially conscious living and giving. Yes, even at 2.5 they understand the importance of kindness and caring. They were born pure of heart and it's my goal to keep that in tact. Tia and I understand that our children are our great hope, our superheroes of change -- our Little Activists!

Can't wait to see how my kiddos share their love, kindness and inclusivity!


It was a different time when you and my daughter became friends. I don’t think the world was nearly as scary as it is now, but I could not have prayed for a sweeter, kinder, thoughtful and funny girl as you! You are and you always were a special friend to Carrie. I truly feel that empathy and kindness should be taught BEFORE the ABC’s! Love you Kim

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