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Little Snacktivists - Banana Chia Bread (So Easy 2-Yr Olds Can Make It!)

Little Snacktivists - Vegan Banana Chia Bread (So Easy 2-Yr Olds Can Make It!)
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My Kids Won't be Getting Gifts for their Birthday

My twins will be turning 3 this holiday season and my husband and I have decided to ask guests to NOT bring birthday gifts for the kids, but rather contribute to our twins' first virtual food drive! Our Little Activists (a.k.a. Sam and Charlie) can use this special day to start a cycle of socially conscious living and giving by providing fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and proteins to our neighbors in Cook County, including the 1 in 6 children, who face food insecurity. Our Chicago Food Depository makes it super simple to setup a virtual drive so we can make an immediate impact! Every dollar raised through this virtual...
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Little Snacktivists - Chef Kendra's Recipe for Power Bites

  We are THRILLED to announce that Chef Kendra, a part of our Little Activists tribe, just launched her Drizzle Kitchen Digital Cookbook - Drizzle Kitchen Favorites: Happy Foods for Every Body and Every Allergy. She has shared one of her most popular recipes with us -- one that brings a boost of energy and nutrition called Power Bites! It's PERFECT for our budding activists! After all, you gotta power up before you speak up. We asked Chef why her bite size beauties are the perfect snack for our little "snacktivists": “These power bites have been a consistent recipe in my clients wheelhouses for years now. Packed full of...
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Substance and Style Q&A with Megan Martin - Publicist/Owner of Page One Public Relations

  Full name:  Megan MartinOccupation:  Publicist/Owner of Page One Public RelationsFavorite Little Activists message from our product line: No Bully Zone Proudest Mommy Moment? I have a lot of proud mommy moments (the day they were born, their birthdays, starting school, etc.) but I really just love it the most when my kids are truly happy and enjoying life.Best piece of advice for your children? Treat others the way you want to be treated.What do you consider your biggest accomplishment and how did you achieve it? Starting my own company and being successful nine years later; that and my marriage and my daughters, Em...
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Who's Schooling Who?

  I have 2.5 year old boy/girls twins - Sam and Charlie.  They are THE reason I am obsessed with our mission to make our world kinder and more inclusive. For the past two and a half years, they have been in a love-filled, albeit isolated, bubble consisting of me, daddy and our nanny. They don't see color; they don't understand hate...only slight disdain if Charlie gets the bigger half of a banana! These kids have been protected from all things negative. We continue to teach them to love all living things and, more importantly, to love themselves. Every night ends with the same chant: "I am BRAVE, I am SMART, I am STRONG...
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How will you celebrate "Peace Day" this week?

International Day of Peace ("Peace Day") occurs every year on September 21st. It was created by the United Nations in 1981 and declared a permanent holiday in 2002. Through education and public awareness events, the UN hopes to strengthen the ideals of peace among all citizens of earth.  We are all asked to cease any hostilities and be kind to one another. Not only do we at Little Activists appreciate this holiday, we long for this sentiment to be practiced year round! Perhaps we can rally enough folks to get their feet wet with one day, and then continue down the path of kindness and inclusivity...everyday!  Here are ...
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Substance and Style Q&A with Molly Rudberg - Author, Reinvention Coach, Leadership Innovator

Full name: Molly Rudberg of Molly Rudberg, LLC (www.mollyrudberg.com) Occupation: Author, Reinvention Coach, Leadership Innovator Favorite Little Activists message from our product line? I love the Spread Love T-shirt. Peace for the world begins with loving ourselves (the graphic on the baseball tshirt – of the star shooting from the heart with the message is powerful) – until we fully love ourselves, we will fall short in loving the world. Proudest Mommy Moment? When William, my 5 year old (at the time... he’s now 12) stepped up to sing the “Star Spangled Banner” at his All Star Baseball game. No one asked him to – he ...
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Just for Licks - Healthy Labor Day Frozen Treats!

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer (womp, womp), but it's a great reason to “chill” with loved ones. Here are some tips for making healthy frozen treat recipes to keep things cool! Step 1: Grab some silicone molds! I ordered mine off Amazon: Lebice Popsicle Molds (BPA Free, 6 Ice Pop Makers and only $9.45). These reusable pop makers have a drip tray, a big handle, and are dishwasher safe. Step 2: Peruse the produce aisle at your fave grocery store and start grabbing fresh fruit! I encourage you to be creative, but if you need some inspiration, here are my two go-tos. I find that simple is best (especially for ...
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Playtime in NYC

We headed to NYC last week to attend the Playtime kids tradeshow and meet with one of our fave activists, actress Megan Boone (Agent Keene from The Blacklist)! Though it was a busy trip, we felt so energized by the city, its diversity and most especially an authentic slice of NYC pie. Between meetings and trade shows, we confirmed what we already knew:  the world needs Little Activists, Activists Apparel and other conscious brands that inspire a kinder, more thoughtful world. As moms and humans we need to do everything we can to, in Megan Boone's words, "be great ancestors" and do our part -- no matter how small or insi...
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Our First Pop-up Shop!

This past weekend Little Activists debuted its first Pop-up Shop, fully stocked with socially conscious apparel, at one of Chicago’s most popular summer festivals - Retro on Roscoe. It was AMAZING to see our brand come to life and witness the reactions of likeminded individuals who are in alignment with our mission to make the world a kinder, more inclusive place. With the unsettling incident that just happened in Charlottesville, VA, our community bonded on Roscoe St., and reaffirmed that it's the right time for us to encourage our youth (and adults) to wear the change they want to see! We can't  change the minds of th...
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Substance and Style Q&A with Lisa Friedman from the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Foundation

Full name: Lisa FriedmanOccupation: Fundraiser for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic FoundationFavorite Little Activists message from our product line?  I love the new collection that you are launching with the message “I’Mpossible" because as Audrey Hepburn said, “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says 'I’M Possible'.” Proudest Mommy Moment? The moment I held my girls for the first time.Best piece of advice for your children?  Always have a kind heart, a fierce mind and a brave spirit.What do you consider your biggest accomplishment and how did you achieve it?  My impulse is to answer this question by saying that m...
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Little Activists Featured in O, The Oprah Magazine!

Oprah taught us not to namedrop, but when Oprah recognizes the awesomeness of Little Activists and decides to features us in Oprah Magazine, well...we just have to share!   In this month's issue, our Lil' Rebels Collection (cool threads for babies and toddlers) is listed in "The Gratitude Meter"  (p.24). Yup, Little Activists is one of the "5 things we're smiling about this month!" In fact, editor Zoe Donaldson says that our onesies are perfect for the "future Gloria Steinems and Audre Lordes." We would just like to add future Upton Sinclairs and Roger Baldwins!  Let's hear it for "playdates today, protests tomorrow!" ...
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